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. this is a large area. and it affects all of downtown civic center. that's from market street to bush to stroockton and franklin. it affects what is happening on polk. all the restaurants that used to be there with the 47 licenses are turning into clubs. that needs to stop. they are not bona fided eating places. this legislation should be a blanket moratorium and we have to reduce what is there now to protect this neighborhood. thank you. >> thank you. >> any questions? >> possibly later. >> thank you. >> (inaudible) cornell had a two o'clock meeting, okay, linda chapman for knob hill neighbors. i sent you a copy of restrictions for other districts. which are certainly more strict than what is proposed here. although this is model on some of them. i would like to refer to what happened with student housing. a lot of people discussed in a rationale way with the director that was responsible for a wonderful process. and a few people that didn't want to have controls. and then all of a sudden emerged this thing from staff. we will throw that out and do everything by conditional use. i think you realiz
's not enough. we need direct services. we need to raise our voices and bush congress and let them know that the united states must recommit to putting resources to ending trafficking. and comprehensive immigration reform. and statewide. we should continue to fight for legislation like the domestic worker to live rights of other things that promote marginalization of our clients. at the end of the day and work with survivors we need to understand and listen and let them know that the work goes on. i want to thank -- a personal mentor. she has really been a mentor; she challenges us and says we are not powerless. what about ...? that is the question we should always ask ourselves. thank you. (applause) >> thank you again to mayor ed lee who has to leave and catch a plane. thank you. (applause) now i would like to call on supervisor carmen chu who has been fantastic and is been really outspoken; she has spoken so often and so well. it is a pleasure to have you here. >> supervisor chu: i want to thank nancy, and the department, and the commission. i want to recognize my colleague a
president george h.w. bush. he was in washington meeting with willard e. mills in arkansas at the time mr. mills was the chair of the house ways and means committee, probably one of the most powerful and influential people in washington. upon being introduced to the president, my friend was struck speechless. he just was stammering and stuttering. at which point the president put his hand on his shoulder and said, it's okay, dan, i always get nervous around him, too. [laughter] >> it's a special honor for me to be here today. i'd like to introduce our special guest, lieutenant government gavin newsome. it (applause) at the thank you. >> also represent state mark malone's office tom ammiano. (applause) * >> all will return momentarily, i'm sure. paul henderson, representing mayor ed lee's office. [laughter] >> and to my right, i have the open house, our state association vice president and i'm sure other names, past president san francisco chapter. we have lots of our membership here including a couple of board members, kerry greenberg from fresno. [speaker not understood] is here. we have
. thank you. >>> hi good afternoon jessica from syria club and i want to emphasize what eric bush said we have been talking about the details of this the local power plant for months and have today come up and saying the same thing that heap saying first responder a few months and as anzoic working on this project for a long time, of course, we want to have a local build out and this is the only thing that is going to save the p u d program radiology out at the same if i am we have been talking about this for month and is it's really disappointmenting to have staff away say we are not going to go this way but we don't have an interpretive for you andi understand if you don't want to do a one billion dollar prompt it's an investment to chiu on off and it's an investment in our future but to say as an alternative that we are going to spend 6 million-dollar on a build out, i think we can do better and i think so we need to have a concrete plan and i urge you to ask staff to come up with a comprehensive plan at least come out with the myses of that that are good and what we can do, you kno
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)